Here's a conversation I've already posted elsewhere. Adam and I came up with this comprehensive list a few months back, and it is awesome.


Adam: i'm scared to death that someday i'm gonna spontaneously and involuntarily throw up
and it's going to be at the worst possible time
and it's gonna be projectile
i just know it's gonna happen
i feel like it's my fate

Colin: can i ask a question

Adam: one

Colin: what, in your opinion, is the worst possible time for inevitable, spontaneous, involuntary, and projectile vomit


1. presentations
2. child's first school play
3. anytime during christmas morning
4. using the restroom
5. giving someone a high five
6. interviewing for a job
6a. meeting a foreign dignitary
7. meeting the parents
8. riding a bike
9. anything that involves wearing a face mask
9a. scuba diving
9b. space suit
9c. green man
10. drinking
11. first kiss
11a: "you may now kiss the bride"
11b. first sex (alternatively, see 16.)
12. holding an original historical document
13. about to eat a kobe lobster (a lobster that has been fed kobe beef)
14. first time in a new car
15. blowing out the candles
16. copulation
17: zero gravity
18. right before you kill hitler in 1943 alternate history
19. stranded in the snow, right after you just got a fire started
20. saving a life
20a. mouth to mouth CPR
20b. Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger just after the first bird hit the plane
21. lap dance
22. lifting anything heavy
23. lifting anything light, in front of a sexy lady.
24. about to sink the 8-ball, in front of a sexy lady
25. as you're being frozen in carbonite
26. trying to stay still as a t-rex is sniffing the side of your ford explorer
27. as you win a marathon
28. on the windshield on the autobahn
29. prom: putting on the corsage
30. Giving someone bad news
31. Showcase Showdown
32. showdown at high noon, right after you've taken 10 paces and turn around to shoot
33. Bobsledding
34. the president telling the nation and the world that yes, the aliens are hostile
34b. diplomatic meeting with the aliens
35. "you shall not pass"


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